Video Brings Life To Your Horse!

While playing with my horse one day, we took this photo.

Almost everyone asks, “how did you get her to do that?”


Proof is in the video!


A real horse on a real stump!

No this is not Photoshopped and I can prove it


Selling your horse through video truly brings them to life and represents the horse in a way that a static photo cannot.

Seeing is believing when it comes to horses.

I filmed this by myself with a camera on a tripod.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

But Video Is Priceless!

  • it shows your horses temperament – important to most buyers
  • it builds trust in the seller – they believe what you have said to them
  • it proves the horse can perform in a particular discipline – less questions after the sale
  • saves you time and money – only interested buyers will come to the door
  • the whole world can see your horse with just one click
  • video ranks well with google and gives you more exposure when submitted to various video and sales platforms
  • buyers look for and want to see a video – more likely to buy after seeing a good quality video

Why listen to me …

…because I sold my horses through video when people were literally giving them away.

Here is the story of Harley and Me…

Due to a serious accident in 08’ I was forced to sell my favorite horse. It seemed like my dream of ever riding again was gone forever.

I was told by many that it was impossible to sell a horse when people were literally giving them away.

I knew I would have to do something different if I wanted to find him a forever home.  Trail riding was all I had ever done, but he was more than a riding partner, he was my buddy and I wanted to portray that through video.

I created the video, pressed the button and uploaded it to a popular equine site, put the phone in my pocket and went outside.

I wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next.

It was necessary to shut the phone off within a few hours because it was ringing off the hook.  People were telling me why they were better suited for the horse than the next guy, offered me more than I was asking and even said “I should have the horse because I even look like you”.

Within almost 24 hours the lady who looked like me rolled into the driveway, hugged Harley, put a halter on him and loaded him into the trailer.

She didn’t need to ride him because the video said it all.

What I learned that day, I have repeated many times.

Video creates emotion and emotion sells.  I still cry every time I watch that video.

Although I was very sick during the filming  and my technology was poor at the time, it still shows what is possible through video and proper marketing.

By God’s grace and a miracle that only He could  have orchestrated, I am well again and riding. I am so thankful for my recovery and of course, I am still taking videos.


East Fork Tennessee

“Harley and Me” video

I still think of my favorite horse and trust he is doing well.

Sample Horse Sales Videos

Although this flashy chocolate fox trotter was posted in a various ads, the lady was unable to sell him.  After I came out to her farm and  filmed the horses smooth gait, his gentle kind manners on the ground and his pretty color, people were coming to her farm.  It wasn’t long before he was sold.  Capitalizing on your horses best qualities and making an honest effort of showing what the horse is capable of doing really pays off.

This was my “Awesome” foxtrotter that I also had to part with.  The lady who bought this horse made the comment that “the horse was exactly like the video”.  She didn’t have any surprises and the sale went smoothly.  When selling a gaited horse, video is a real asset because you can see how smooth they are and if their way of moving is what the prospect is looking for.

This flashy appy was the last horse we parted with.  We kept him for another year before we sold him as well as our farm.  We wanted just the right person for him.  This video created a lot of interest, over 10,000 views and rising.  I marketed it in such a way that the video had a lot of visibility.  You will notice the other two horses, Harley and Awesome have very few views because they sold almost right away.

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