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Necessity is the mother of invention...

...and that is really how Micheline Productions came about. As you work your way through the pages of this website, you will find my story to be consistent.

After I sustained a serious injury, it became necessary to sell our farm and our horses and that is when I learned the power of a properly marketed video.

With God's help, we accomplished the impossible and video was a key ingredient!

Although parting with our horses and our farm was very difficult for my husband and I, it proved to serve as the foundation of what would become a big part of our life.  Video and marketing.

The success we experienced by what we did through video was truly eye opening to all those who never believed it was possible.  We were able to sell our farm to someone in another country who never even stepped foot on the property.  The only condition in the contract was that “it was as represented in the video”.  The funny thing was, because we were selling the horses at the same time, she was able to see the horses on the exact same property that was for sale in the farm video.  It was all consistent and believable.

I remember when they arrived at the farm.  It was exactly as expected.  No surprises! She knew where everything was by heart because she had watched the video so many times.  There were so many farms for sale in Florida at the time but very few had a video like mine.  The sale was seamless. 

That is when I learned the power of video. 

Video created a dream that eventually became a reality for the buyer.

We were also able to sell our horses when people really were giving them away (and still are I might add).  Once again I learned the power of video.

Although that is the story in a nutshell, there is a powerful take away from all of this.


Strategic Targeted Marketing Is What Yields Results

A beautiful video that people cannot find will not do you any good at all. There is a skill involved in knowing where and how to put the video where it needs to go.

Here is what I quickly learned.

You might find someone who can produce a nice video, but can they also market that same video to your target audience. Can they also get it on your website.

The sad reality is, more often than not, each person has their own little niche and the video falls through the cracks but the money has left your pockets.

Necessity = Micheline Productions

We Have Done It Before And We Keep Doing It!

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